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Performance Max Campaigns: An Introduction

Brand Strategy, Industry Updates, Paid Media
July 5, 2022
Mason Interactive

Google is constantly rolling out new capabilities to make ad targeting more accurate and efficient. Performance max campaigns are a part of that toolbox. Here’s a quick video from Google that sums them up:

We’ve said it time and time again – the marketing landscape is changing. Ad platforms shifting to prioritize user privacy means we have to rethink our approach.

Implementing Google’s tools and solutions available today will help brands prepare for the next generation of performance marketing. Performance Max campaigns are one piece of the big puzzle to help us in that transition.

Now, let’s get into how we can use performance marketing campaigns to maximize campaign performance.

What are Performance Max Campaigns?

Performance max campaigns are a part of Google’s new approach for making local and shopping campaign management more efficient. They allow you to access all your Google Ad channels from a single campaign–freeing you to allocate more time to other aspects of your ad strategy.

Source: Google

How do they work?

Leveraging automation, performance max campaigns will mix your visual creative, copy assets, and audience signals to figure out what combination of them performs best on each channel your ads appear on. You can even preview how these varied combinations will appear before publishing.

Source: Google

Your ad campaigns’ audience signals will be paired with machine learning to make sure your ads reach the audiences with the highest intent at the right time. Owning your brand’s first-party data is crucial for the targeting to work, and here’s a quick post on how to do that.

Source: Google

Let’s take Guesswork out of your Google Ads.

If you’re looking to make your advertising operations more efficient and drive performance at the same time, Performance Max campaigns are worth looking into. If you’re not already a Mason client, book a consultation with our team and we’ll work on a tailored approach for your brand, together.