Summer Internship Experience 2022

Mason Culture
August 12, 2022
Winnie Liang

I spent about a month and a half as a summer intern for Mason Interactive. Mason Interactive is a digital marketing company that uses holistic strategies to help brands grow. With amazing strategists, innovators, creatives, data wizards, digital natives, growth marketers, and analysts, it was an experience to see everyone working together to help bring satisfaction to our clients.

First Day

The moment I stepped into the DUMBO, Brooklyn office, I felt at home. The furniture and decorations gave the office a biophilia theme. The window and private patio had amazing views of the Manhattan skyline, as well as the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge. Medina Shareef, the director of HR, introduced me to the office as I settled in. I proceeded with adjusting to my workspace and working on my Google Ads Search Certification.

Team Projects

I worked alongside Ashley Bruzas, the director of Business Development and leader of Team Killer. She taught me about the team’s goals and outlined how I would collaborate on projects over the summer. I was given an overview of how the brand strategy process works for an agency, which includes researching direct-to-consumer brands, creating competitive analyses, and providing them with opportunities to improve. Additionally, Ashley gave me a Photoshop tutorial which was fun to watch because you are able to customize logos or create anything that your mind wants to.

I attended a Meta Webinar which gave me insight into how companies can prepare for the upcoming holiday shopping season through key strategies which includes connection, interactivity, and community. In addition, I was also given the task of working on a project called the Q4 Outreach. Working on this project was my favorite because I got to research targeted brands and create analyses to uncover what they are doing well, and how Mason Interactive could help them improve. This project allowed me to see how big companies differ from smaller companies in terms of their SEO, digital advertising, and creative approach. Overall, the summer internship was an exciting and accomplishing learning experience.

Internships give students valuable on-the-job experience. If you’re interested in exploring internship opportunities at Mason Interactive, contact us today.