The Evolution of Shopping Ads on Meta

Brand Strategy, eCommerce, Industry Updates, Paid Media
August 31, 2022

Introducing Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

It’s no secret that Meta platforms’ performance is impacted by Apple’s iOS 14.5. Apple’s relentless focus on user data privacy resulted in signal loss, changes to targeting capabilities, and most critically, measurement.

Our view: Instagram and Facebook aren’t broken, they’re different. As industry standards evolve, so do the platforms we use, whether for social connections, community and brand building, or business growth and development. This makes the landscape more uncertain, the data more difficult to read, and the insight more challenging to articulate.

Meta has rolled out Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns globally. ASC use artificial intelligence to enable e-commerce and retail direct-to-consumer brands to potentially achieve better performance, greater personalization and more efficiency through advancements in AI + machine learning. These campaigns provide greater flexibility to control creative, targeting, placements and budget, and more opportunities to optimize campaigns that drive conversions.

What are Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns and how does it work?

Simply put, ASC falls under Meta’s new suite of Total Advantage tools. While Advantage tools are designed to automate a specific part of a manual campaign, Advantage+ focuses on automating a campaign from beginning to end or part of a manual campaign (e.g., placements or creative).

Advantage+ shopping campaigns are powered by new machine learning models

Here’s a simple overview:

  • Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns offer end-to-end automation and support dynamic and static ads
  • Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns combine Prospecting and Remarketing strategies in one campaign
  • Meta does not see ASC replacing existing products, and it is recommended to test and learn across current Business as Usual (BAU) campaigns
  • Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns are designed for Broad reach, removing campaign restraints
  • Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns are designed to automate creative, resulting in less audience saturation
  • Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns can test up to 150 creative combinations, reducing creative fatigue
Advantage+ shopping campaigns are built to achieve your goals by acquiring new customers, driving online sales, and engaging loyal shoppers

If you’re looking to make your advertising operations more efficient and drive performance at the same time, Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns are worth looking into. If you’re not already a Mason client, book a consultation with our team and we’ll work on a tailored approach for your brand, together.