On April 21, Google introduced free product listings on the Google Shopping Tab and Shopping Property in order to provide better search results for users. In times like these, when physical retail has taken a hit, we at Mason Interactive see this as a fantastic opportunity for merchants to boost sales. 

How does this benefit Paid advertisers?

Benefit 1:

Our paid ecommerce partners that absolutely crush in shopping campaigns will now have the benefit of indexing for “organic” shopping listings. 

Benefit 2: 

1+1 = 3! Anyone that has been in the PPC game for long knows this is the mantra of advertisers everywhere when it comes to combining the powers of Paid & Organic SEM. Own the SERP, own your brand, gain more efficiency by getting in Google’s good graces.

What should you do next?

Action 1:

If you are not currently using Shopping ads, set yourself on Google merchant. Work closely with your agency partner to make sure all your connections are set up correctly and you are ready to rock! If you are a current Partner of Mason Interactive, don’t worry, you are already set up to start serving on these free listings.

Action 2:

Make a stronger push on SEO for your products. Optimize those titles and descriptions, use the right product tags and make sure you have given attention to your Google category!

Action 3:

Pay close attention to your paid performance over the next month. With Organic coming into the mix that means there will be new competitors in the market. If you give the right attention to Organic for Shopping, you may be able to afford more lenient budgets and automated bidding targets. Remember, if you are indexing for Organic and Paid, you will net stronger results than doing one on its own.

This is an opportunity for brands and marketers. The “free listings” in Shopping are essentially the new Organic listing on the market and will need the touch of an SEO expert. 

Do you have more questions on the free shopping listings and what steps to take next? Get in touch, we’d love to strategize with you. 

As a Google Premier Partner, we get the latest and greatest information and will update this topic as we learn more!

Mira Valjakka

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