LinkedIn Company Pages Get A Social Makeover

By October 3, 2012 No Comments

Linkedin company pages get upgrade: Linkedin recently updated their website and added new features that focus on engagement. The changes will benefit our search engine optimization efforts. The most important (SEO-wise) update was the expansion of features on company pages. Linkedin company pages will now look similar to Facebook and Google Plus business pages. You can now add a custom company banner (640×220 pixels) that can be hyperlinked, add status updates with links, and add more information about your business. The status update feature provides an additional platform for you to distribute content and updates which equals to greater reach and more backlinks.

It is now increasingly important to update your company page as it will impact your social signals – a powerful ranking factor in search results. We have added Linkedin company pages to our SEO strategy as a platform for retention, engagement, content distribution, and backlinks. As we optimize and update company pages we expect to see these pages ranked in search results. We are working with our clients to setup and optimize their Linkedin company pages.


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