Global B2B SuccessThrough Strategic SEO

A global print fulfillment company partnered with Mason Interactive to grow omnichannel sales via Search Engine Optimization (SEO). During the course of the engagement, the client saw a 134% increase in organic traffic, resulting in a measurable increase in leads, and sales.


increase in organic traffic


increase in impressions


increase in clicks

Their story

The client is a digital printing company specializing in custom printing services. The company has global manufacturing plants that offer on-demand, personalized photo products for customers in countries like the US, the UK, and Australia.

Their goal

The company partnered with Mason Interactive to increase awareness, attract new global customers, and drive incremental revenue, all through strategic SEO.

Their solution

The core SEO strategy has remained steady from day one: provide high-quality content to website visitors and be an authoritative thought leader in the industry; creating new, highly-useful content for the blog and landing pages; focusing on on-page optimizations targeting high-value search-terms.

The team focused on global optimization to ensure customers in all of the client’s target markets could find the website, regardless of which continent they are on. The first step was to translate and localize the content across the website based on a visitor’s location and language preferences. In addition, the team uses hreflang tag attributes to help search engines, like Google, serve the correct language pages in search results. For example, a searcher in Spain will see a Spanish language version of the pages, whereas a searcher in the US is shown only English pages.

Monthly technical updates and ongoing keyword research are part of SEO best practices to keep the client’s website up-to-date with algorithm changes. By staying on top of what is relevant and what users are looking for, the team at Mason Interactive ensures that the website remains aligned with search intent, which in turns has led to a significant increase in impressions and clicks.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit in March 2020, having a robust SEO foundation already in place meant the client was one step ahead of the competition in the new digital-first environment. As a result, the client outperformed their own year-over-year results between March and August, despite the highly saturated market and increased competition.

The results

Technical SEO improvements combined with ongoing optimization using high search volume key terms has led to an average increase of 134% in organic traffic. Most significantly, the team’s ability to remain agile during the global health crisis helped the print company achieve a 413% increase in impressions during the turbulent period.

Throughout the partnership we've worked closely with the client to ensure the SEO strategy works seamlessly alongside the overarching marketing strategy. The client has been able to not only increase the visibility of their website and drive more traffic, but also convert that traffic to potential customers. Seeing success stories like this shows how important SEO is when building a robust foundation for any business.

Jenna VaccaroDirector of SEO, Mason Interactive